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Commitment to Excellance
Supply & Installation of Solar Products

Our Solar Energy Systems with the focus on Solar Plant Modules. We commit ourselves to provide high quality Solar Modules with the best price performance ration in the market. On top of that our flexible manufacturing facility enables us to produce according to the customer’s need.

Power crisis has become a major subject in 21st century and is not addressed properly in the Power sector. We have taken up the issue and developed different models of Solar systems to meet end user requirement at an affordable cost. The Solar systems include Solar Water Heating System (FPC), Evacuated Solar Water Heater (ETC), Solar Power Plant, Power Conditioning Unit (PCU), Solar Street Light (CFL), Solar Street Light (LED), Solar Small Home Light, Solar Lantern and many more. We can design solar system for any customer requirement and any application. We can also provide consultancy and submit a reliable solution to meet the requirement within stipulated period.

The demand of solar products is increasing all over the world. We are working on this and being prominently noticed amongst ingenious solar lantern manufacturers. Our LED solar lighting systems are hugely supplied all around. This has enabled us to be one of the most active LED solar lighting suppliers India. We offer a variety of LED and Solar products, best both in terms of quality and design excellence. Our products are made from the best raw materials and known for their functional value.

Our Products

1)     Solar Water Heating System

2)     Solar Power Plant

3)     Solar Street Light

4)     Solar Small Home Light

5)     Solar Lantern


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